This truly unique play system provides an aesthetically pleasing, soft play surface while still allowing water to flow through all layers. Along with being incredibly safe and allergen free our synthetic turf is extremely durable and resilient. Our Play Systems playground surfaces and artificial grass are designed to meet the high demand of any play area and can brighten up schools, hospitals and day care centers.

Our products will also provide a clean play area, making muddy ground a distant memory.



Synthetic Turf

We have selected the very best synthetic turf for our clients. Manchester, Monterey, Fescue Ultimate and our Urban Turf are all premium blends that we use for playground and lawn applications. Smart Grass synthetic turf is also UV resistant, has HR (Heat Resistant) Technology and along with our premium volcanic ash infill keeps turf up to 55 degrees cooler. Great for those hot summer days!


Playground Shock/Drainage Mat

This highly durable and extremely drainable padding is part of our play system and is an interlocking panel system that absorbs impact. Our panels are 100% recycled and recyclable. They have been tested and rated for different fall heights and long-term consistent Gmax ratings.


Infill System

Our premium all-natural volcanic ash infill system is the latest technology for synthetic turf. Unlike rubber-based infills, our infill is non-absorbent, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. Our lightly colored infill is designed to mimic the natural soil of the earth, and performs exceptionally well under all conditions.

Animal urine and other external elements that can build bacterial spores are not absorbed into the infill, making it a safer, more sanitary product. Our infilll does not degrade and also resists compaction, thus eliminating the need for repeated applications, as is the case with rubber. It stays cool and comfortable unlike rubber infill even in the hottest of climates, keeping it up to 40 degrees cooler than rubber. It is also safe for the environment, does not contain harsh zinc or heavy metals and is non-flammable.