Completely Eliminate Pet Urine Odors on Artificial Turf
Guaranteed Results!

Completely eliminate pet odors and stains with URI-CIDE® – our uniquely formulated all-natural pet odor eliminator. URI-CIDE® kills pet odors and eliminate stains fast – a microbial/enzyme formula it works at the source of the problem by killing the odor causing bacteria and eliminating the visible residues.uricide odor eliminator

URI-CIDE® is Safe! – non-toxic and biodegradable, our formula is safe to use in any environment where there are kids, pets and plants, so you can remove odors and stains without the worry of introducing harsh chemicals into your home environment.

Guaranteed effective on pet odors and stains or your money back –  If URI-CIDE® does not work exactly as described you can return your purchase to us for a full product refund.

1000’s of happy customers have had complete success in removing harsh and persistent stains and odors caused by pet feces, urine and vomit, along with the rapid removal of skunk spray, cat urine/litter box odors and much more!

Furthermore, URI-CIDE®  is safe to use on any and all types of surface –

  • Artificial turf
  • Furniture
  • Carpets
  • Fabrics
  • Plastics
  • Wood and more

Inside and Outside Pet Odor / Stain Removal Formulas

Choose from our unique line of odor elimination products – concentrated formulas guaranteed to kill harmful bacteria and remove unwanted odors. Use URI-CIDE® with complete peace of mind on all types of surface including artificial grass and fake turf.

Please Choose From One of Our Inside or Outside Formulas Listed Below.


uri-1 uri2 uri3

Uricide For Outside –

Super 15X concentrate.

Makes 3.75 gallons of  product

32oz – $27.75

Uricide For Outside

Super 15X Concentrate.

Makes 15 gallons of  product

1 Gallon – $77.95

Uricide For Inside

Convenient Spot Sprayer

Yields 15 quarts of product

32oz – $32.95

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uri4 uri5 uri6

Uricide 5 Gallons

Super 15X concentrate.

Makes 75 gallons of product!!


UV Blacklight

Spot Pet Urine stains –

Unique UV Blacklight


Uricide 55 Gallons

5X Concentrate.

Makes 825 gallons of product


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