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Landscape Systems


SmartGrass lawn systems are built to last. Incredibly soft and aesthetically stunning, you will be the envy of your neighbourhood with this realistic looking, extremely durable synthetic turf.

  • No More Mud
  • No More Maintenance
  • No More Water

Our best selling turf blends offer a realistic de-lustered (not shiny) look and 2-tone blade color with brown thatch. These characteristics provide the most realistic looking synthetic grass available. Our blends are second to none in durability all the while maintaining a soft, lush feel.

Latest Technology

All of our blends are engineered with HR (Heat Resistant) technology color pigments and have advanced U.V. inhibitors that reduce surface temperatures. This technology successfully reduces turf temperatures by 30% and up to 20 degrees! Along with our premium, all-natural volcanic ash infill, surface temperature will be up to 55 degrees lower than standard synthetic turf installations. That’s a difference that you and your family can feel!

W, C and S-Blades

What sets our artificial turf apart is the de-lustered realistic colors and our engineered grass blades. With naturally existing colors our Gecko, Orca, Fescue Ultimate, Kodiak, Augusta and Manchester are the most true-to-nature synthetic turf offered anywhere. Fescue in its most perfect state is what we have captured.

Our S-Blade grass has a radial curvature that mimics the letter “S”. This allows the blade to stand strait while maintaining a very soft, realistic feel. Simply stated, our S-Blade is the softest engineered blade available anywhere.

Our C-Blade is the “hybrid” blade of the SmartGrass line up. It has a “C” curvature that allows for suppleness and resiliency similar to natural grass.

The important point is we have a blade/blend for all applications that will look great and offer outstanding performance!”


  • Drains up to 60 gallons per hour, per square yard eliminating drainage issues.
  • Double stitched backing with a 3/8″ gauge rate; the strongest in synthetic turf manufacturing.
  • Superior Tuft Bind System secures blades to backing. Tuft lock strength of 10-12 lbs, versus 4-6 lbs for hot melt, glued or “mesh” backing.

Turf Blend: Characteristics

Delustered blades offer the most realistic appearance to the blades with an attractive matte finish. Polyethylene Mono-filament blades with Polypropylene Thatch (No Nylon); Engineered for optimum resiliency and blade recovery.
Blades and backing made from anti-microbial, mildew resistant fibers that prevent urine absorption and bad odors.

UriFill System

Our premium  infill system is the latest technology for synthetic turf. Unlike rubber-based infills, our infill is non-absorbent, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. Our light-colored infill is designed to mimic the natural soil of the earth and performs exceptionally well under all conditions.

Animal urine and other external elements that can build bacterial spores are not absorbed into the infill, making it a safer, more sanitary product. Our infill does not degrade and also resists compaction, thus eliminating the need for repeated applications, as is the case with rubber. It stays cool and comfortable unlike rubber infill even in the hottest of climates, keeping it up to 40 degrees cooler than rubber. It is also safe for the environment, does not contain harsh zinc or heavy metals and is non-flammable.

  • Turf Cooling Technology
  • Increased Drainage
  • Pet Deodorant
  • Helps Prevent Growth of
    Mold, Mildew & Bacteria
  • Turf Blade Stabilizer
  • Reduced Dust
  • Non-Toxic
  • Specially Formulated
    for Artificial Turf