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Maintenance Tips for Your Artificial Turf in Winter Weather

It is a challenging task to maintain a natural lawn and keep it perfectly green year-round, especially during the winter season. This is because low temperatures can affect brittle blades and turn your green lawn into a brown color in no time.  One of the best alternatives for a natural lawn to beat this winter problem, however, is artificial grass landscaping from Smart Grass.

With artificial grass manufactured from a synthetic polyethylene material, it remains perfectly green year-round in any weather or maintenance conditions. The synthetic turf is designed to withstand most weather conditions and can stay the same for a long time looking almost as good as the day it was installed. If you want to maintain your artificial turf properly and keep it in good condition, in this blog we share maintenance tips for your artificial turf in winter weather.

Regularly Remove Snow

Although light snow does not have negative effects on your artificial grass blades, it is advisable to avoid snow piling up. This is because the surface can become a slip hazard for people or the blades can become brittle due to the layers of compacted snow. So make sure you remove packed snow using a plastic shovel to avoid broken blades. If the artificial turf becomes matted from the weight of the snow, consider cross-brushing it once the snow melts and this will bring it to life again.

No Use of Salt

While some homeowners commonly use salt or antifreeze chemical products as a way to get rid of areas of snow and ice, it is advised to not use these on artificial grass products. Instead, leave any snow or ice melt on its own. This is because salt can have negative side effects on the synthetic turf, as salt can clog the turf’s drainage system. So avoid using salt or any antifreeze chemicals. If you are to use salt, apply a small amount and only on rare occasions.

Tread Carefully

Artificial turf offers extreme durability compared to natural grass lawns although it is not totally indestructible. This is because keeping ice on the turf can result in the blades becoming brittle and this can cause breaking. If the artificial turf is covered in ice that can melt on its own,  there will be no issues, although you have to avoid walking over the turf blades as it can result in breakage if they have become brittle and weak. In case you walk across the turf, take extra caution in order to avoid damage and to keep it in good shape.

The Final Word

Artificial turf products from Smart Grass are a great landscape solution in any type of weather condition including winter. We have evergreen lawns that can help your home landscape not to turn brown or muddy. Smart Grass features a huge inventory of synthetic turf in the industry, and all products have a 15-year warranty. Feel free to contact our customer service or specialists about the best synthetic turf product for your application, give us a call today at (844) 426-7283 or (310) 678-7467, and let’s get started.