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First, I knew I needed to hire a pro turf installer after seeing do-it-yourself jobs in the neighborhood (“yuck!”). Reading Yelp reviews greatly helped me narrow-down my interviews with pro turf installers.

Working with Project Manager Jesse and the business owner, Craig, was an absolute pleasure. They listened carefully regarding my 950sq. ft. front yard turf preferences and budget concerns (I’m on Social Security, but hoping to save on gardening/watering bills in the long run). My job included bender board, which was beautifully done.

I had numerous turf consultations and quotes, but Smartgrass’ quote was a standout. They perform more steps in the installation process than others for a better price. The steps they included that others skip: (1) Weed spray, (2) Week shield/cloth, and (3) Wavy seams, versus straight seams. Another feature unique to Smartgrass was the double-backing of their turf choices, designed to minimize “wrinkles” as heat expands and cold compresses the turf fabric; no other company had double-backed turf.

I drove to preview a Smartgrass installation of their Kodiak-recommended turf (very realistic, with 3 shades and varied blade heights) and a competitor’s installation of SGW Nature’s Pride, to compare my final 2 choices. Visually, I could not tell the difference. However, the Kodiak turf showed more resilience when I stepped on a corner of it. You don’t want turf so soft that it holds your footprints.

The 6-man work team was impressive. It’s a hard, hot job and all of them rehydrated themselves with water, soda or electrolyte drinks; not a single can of beer. No one pulled out a cellphone or cigarette. 100% “on-task.” Ultra-professional work ethic.

Smartgrass product and labor warranties are just super. I know to expect some weeds peeking thru in the longrun, but they’re to be spot-treated with weed killer, then carefully removed.

When finished, all my neighbors came over with the right question: “Can you show me where the seams are?” They also wanted to know the name of the turf (Kodiak) since it’s varied shades / heights looked so close to natural. Wooo-hooo!