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Ways to Improve Your Home with Custom Putting Green Turf

If you are looking for eco-friendly sports landscaping options then consider custom artificial turf putting greens as they can be used for professional practice or casual family fun. The custom synthetic putting green turf and other turf products from Smart Grass are a great alternative for a real lawn as it replicates its feel and natural look. This is why many homeowners are opting for custom putting green turf installation on their backyard to enjoy practicing their short game from the comfort of their homes.

At Smart Grass, we have a huge inventory that features different putting green turf with fringe and each offers a unique look and feel. These putting green turfs are offered in different color variations, pile heights, and face weights, and all these different features separate each product. The best part about the design is that the grass blades of  Smart Grass putting green products are made compacted to duplicate professional putting greens in both color and stimp meter speed, resulting in the surface performing to your desired speed every time. Also, our turf products are designed with UV inhibitors coated on each and every blade to avoid them from fading in the sunlight. This means that your custom synthetic putting green turf will remain ever-green even after a long time of continuous use.

A lot of homeowners in Los Angeles and around the USA are becoming aware of the benefits of using artificial grass for their backyard putting greens. Not only because of the evergreen appearance benefit, but also the endless possibilities for customization. Putting greens are perfect for introducing new shapes to your landscape that include a narrow side yard or a hill. Synthetic grass putting greens are also perfect for customization as they can fit or suit any shape, size, or terrain, resulting in any home fitting a synthetic grass putting green. You can even install accessories such as contours, bunkers, and tiers to enhance your at-home game even more. Our custom artificial putting green turf products are designed to make it easy for cups, flags, and tee installation, resulting in a perfect look and feel of a professional course. Whether you have a small or big space to work with, Smart Grass putting green turf products are capable of transforming your backyard design dreams into reality.

Installation of custom putting green turf into your backyard can be another way that can help you spend more time bonding with your loved ones. Take time for yourself and consult our specialist for more information on our innovative artificial turf products in locations such as Los Angeles. Gecko Grass, Kodiak Turf, Nylon Putt, and True Putt, are some of our quality turf blends, if you are looking for the perfect backyard putting green. Call us today at (844) 426-7283 or (310) 678-7467, and let’s get started.