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4 Ways To Design A Multi-Functional Backyard With SmartGrass Synthetic Turf

Enjoying recreational activities outside your own lush green backyard is a wonderful feeling that many wish to have. You will want to relax and enjoy the time with your family or friends without thinking about mowing or constantly watering the lawn. This is achievable only if you install artificial turf in your yard. Many homeowners are looking for artificial grass especially in locations such as Manhattan Beach due to its benefits. Apart from offering all the natural benefits such as lush and soft texture, green tones, and natural feel, it requires zero maintenance and remains the same all season long. 

That being said, if you are planning on improving your property’s backyard appearance and functionality, it is important to research designs and partner with a reputable synthetic turf supplier. SmartGrass is a leading synthetic turf supplier in the USA. Offering different types and colors of artificial grass, our company has 17 years of experience in this industry selling our turf across the US and Canada. In this blog, we present four ways to design a multi-functional backyard with SmartGrass synthetic turf. Read on.     

1. Build a mini dog park

While owning a dog is fun and a good thing, cleaning up those muddy paw prints, patching up holes, dealing with urine burn, and replacing torn-out grass can be exhausting. This is why building a mini dog park using SmartGrsass synthetic pet turf can be a good idea. The turf is made of woven, non-absorbent, closed-cell polyethylene with MAX-FLO that makes it perfect for high traffic areas, soft on paws, and easy to clean and spray down.  

2. Landscaping designs

Another way to design a multi-functional backyard with SmartGrass synthetic turf is to use landscaping designs. You can create any design using different textures and shades of synthetic turf and it can be laid for both high traffic or appearance. Our landscape system turf offers a two-tone blend color with brown thatch and a realistic de-lustered blade that provides a realistic feel. It can be used to design flower beds, paths, walkways, and shade areas such as canopies and under the trees. We can also use synthetic turf to cover areas around shrubs or bushes to avoid weeds from growing near them. 

3. Chessboard

 The next up on multi-functional backyard design that can be made from SmartGrass synthetic turf is a chess and checkers board. Our play system playground surface features a playground mate with filter cloth and compacted class two road base that provides a soft and clean area. It is also allergen-free, durable, and resilient. The chessboard does not require a lot of space and material, you can even use the leftover grass pieces to come up with an awesome board.     

4. Mini-putting green

If your backyard is remaining with small limited square footage, you can definitely put it to use. With our play systems playground synthetic turf, you can install a mini-putting green surface. SmartGrass synthetic turf is designed with a shock mat and compacted class 2 road base that is highly durable and drainable padding. It is also UV resistant and has heat resistant technology. You can choose from our line of premium blends including Orca, Gecko, Fescue Ultimate, Manchester, Vanderbilt, Kodiak and Augusta.   

The Final Word

The aforementioned are some of the designs you can use to improve your multi-functional backyard with SmartGrass synthetic turf. If you are planning to improve your yard and increase the value of your property at affordable prices, SmartGrass is here to assist you. We can provide you with high-quality artificial grass in Manhattan Beach and across the USA. Get in touch with us today for a free estimate by calling (310) 678-7467 or our toll-free number (844)426-7283 and we will get back to you as soon as possible.