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5 Things To Take Note About Fake Grass For Pets

Today, fake grass is becoming more popular for homeowners looking for a hassle-free alternative to a real lawn, especially those with pets. This is because this surface provides a lot of benefits to both animals and humans. While it requires less maintenance,  no water, and can be enjoyed year-round,  many homeowners have questions and concerns regarding their pets and if artificial grass can be a great option. 

It might interest you to know that artificial grass is not only for playgrounds but also safe for pets such as dogs because it is more resilient than real grass when it comes to wear and tear. That being said, it is important to connect with a reputable supplier that offers a high-quality pet system. Smart Grass USA is the leading supplier of synthetic artificial grass for pets. Continuing on the subject, to help you understand what fake grass for pets offers, we present five things to take note of about fake grass for pets. 

1. Avoid pets digging in the ground

A lot of pet owners with real lawns have to constantly close holes made by pets while digging. This is why fake grass or artificial turf is a decent option as it prevents your pet from digging the ground. The fake grass for pets is resilient against the numerous attempts to destroy your lawn due to sturdy polypropylene fibers and robust backing that will withstand the massive scratching and digging of pets, particularly dogs.

2. Pet-friendly

Fake grass for pets is made from high-quality materials for a pet-friendly lawn and it is perfect for high traffic areas and hyperactive pets. The eco-materials used to manufacture the grass are free from cadmium and lead resulting in a safe zone for our furry friends. With the most important aspect of the pet turf being backing, Smart Grass pet turf’s backing is made of woven, non-absorbent, and closed-cell polyethylene with MAX-FLO or ULTRA FLOW.  

3. Avoids muddy paws in the house

While pets enjoy rolling around mud baths that can develop on real grass after heavy rain, the person who will clean up after them will not like it.  This is why considering fake grass for pets is a good idea as it features a permeable base that quickly drains any surplus water and speeds up the drying process. With the sub-sand layer acting as a shield of the underlying mud, the pet’s paws will remain clean. 

4. No reaction to urine

Although pet urine may affect real lawns through color defects and unsightly balding patches, it is not the case with fake grass for pets. This is because artificial grass features synthetic blades that resist discoloration and drainage holes or permeable backing that make it easy and fast for excess pet urine to hose away. The pets are free to do their business as the pet turf has no lingering odors and lasting effects.    

5. Unlimited playtime

Last but not least, fake grass for pets is the perfect option as it will maintain the color and appearance all year round no matter the weather conditions. With no need for heavy maintenance such as applying fertilizer and weed killer, the pet owner can rest assured that the artificial turf is a 100 percent safe playground for any pet.   


The above-listed are some of the things to take note of about fake grass for pets as they are beneficial for both pets and homeowners. If you are planning to improve the health of your pet and also increase the value of your home at affordable prices, buy high-quality pet turf at SmartGrass. We can provide you with the best fake grass for pets across the USA. Get in touch with us today for a free estimate by calling (310) 678-7467 or our toll-free number (844)426-7283 and we will get back to you as soon as possible.