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A Look At 4 Standout Features Of Artificial Grass

While a lot of homeowners still have natural grass in their yards, some are beginning to consider replacing it with some modern outdoor artificial grass. The most interesting part about artificial grass is that you can find types that look as incredibly real as natural grass. As

There are many artificial grass producers in the country, with all claiming to provide the highest quality product in the market. This is why it is important to consult a reputable and trustworthy artificial grass company. Smart Grass is the leading artificial grass company in Los Angeles, offering premium quality and durable outdoor synthetic grass.

However, the benefits of artificial grass bring to both the environment and homeowners are considerable. Some of the benefits include not requiring water, no use of power sources to mow it, and no or less maintenance. If you are yet to understand more about artificial grass, in this blog, we take a look at four standout features of artificial grass.

1. Frost-and Heat-Resistant

High-quality artificial grass products such as the ones offered by Smart Grass come with frost-and heat-resistant features that enable them to withstand freezing nights and hot summer days. This feature is very important as the temperature swings can result in damaging the artificial grass and also it acts as an added protection to ensure the longevity of the grass.

2. UV-Stabilized

Outside artificial grass comes with a UV-Stabilized feature that enables it to show resistance to the scorching sun, no matter how much it is exposed. As the sun rays have the damaging effect of fading materials, this feature helps you avoid these effects after your artificial grass is installed. This is why it is crucial to choose artificial grass from Smart Grass that has been UV-stabilized to last for a long time in the sun.

3. Non-Flammable

If you enjoy grilling with family or have a fire pit set up then it is important to consider the non-flammable feature when buying artificial grass. Non-flammable artificial grass ensures that you avoid the risk of fire with your newly installed grass. Fire can spread very fast, so make sure to look for non-flammable artificial grass to promote the safety of your family.

4. Drainage system

While waterlogged grass is the main issue during the rain season, opting for artificial grass from Smart Grass means that you will avoid muddy or slippery grass due to our industry-leading drainage system. Our drainage system features make it easy to get rid of moisture at a rate of about 7-15 inches per hour. This will help you avoid your children slipping on wet grass and also your pets tracking muddy paw prints into the house.

The final word

The above-listed are some of the standout features to consider when it comes to outside artificial grass as they are beneficial for both the environment and homeowners. When you are looking to buy artificial grass in Los Angeles or your home at affordable prices, consider high-quality products from Smart Grass. We are the best artificial grass company that offers all types of fake grass across the USA. For a free estimate call (310) 678-7467 or our toll-free number (844)426-7283 and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  Thank you.

many places in the USA are running low on water, more and more people are being encouraged to install artificial grass in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.