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Artificial Grass For Pets Installation Over Concrete

With artificial grass becoming more popular in the USA and Canada, it might interest homeowners to know that it can be installed over just about any surface, including concrete. This is because an increasing number of homeowners are opting for fake grass over natural grass, especially pet owners. They  appreciate  artificial grass for pets because it provides a clean look and comfortable appeal. If you are planning on laying fake grass for pets on concrete to offer better traction and cushioning for dogs or cats, SmartGrass is here to help. We offer artificial grass for pets that not only adds an aesthetic appeal but also offers comfort and easy maintenance.


To know more, in this blog, we share a few benefits of artificial grass for pets installation over concrete.


Benefits of Installing Artificial Grass for Pets

Apart from adding aesthetic appeal to your property, artificial grass for pets feels great, has very low maintenance, and is also easy to install on concrete.


With the water supply problem situation in the US, artificial grass for pets offers benefits to the environment as far as water is concerned. According to research, artificial grass replacement can help you save an average of up to 75 gallons of water per square foot.


Installation of artificial grass on concrete is a great option to provide a safe and fun play area for your pets. Also, artificial grass for pets is versatile, lasts long, is affordable, and is simple to install.

How to Install Artificial Grass over Concrete

While the technology has made it easy to install artificial grass for pets, in many ways, installing over concrete is a lot easier than installing it over other surfaces.


For most surfaces, you will have to get rid of the grass, weeds, flowers, or any plants from the ground to prepare it for artificial grass installation. But when installing artificial grass for pets, you do not require any of the former. Installers from SmartGrass can simply take the fake grass and lay it on top of the concrete.


While it might sound simple, professionals from SmartGrass are trained to take certain precautions to avoid expenses on repairs later on. They also make sure that the concrete surface is smooth so as to provide comfort for your pets. If the concrete surface contains any loose stones or bumps, installers use an underlay for added cushioning, they remove any sharp stones as they may cause tearing of grass backing or provide uncomfortable bumps in the artificial grass.


Professionals firstly check for proper drainage before laying down the artificial grass turf. IF NEEDED, artificial grass installation experts from SmartGrass drill holes into the concrete for proper drainage. Depending on the concrete the holes must not be too big, approximately 16mm in diameter should be adequate. The experts will fill the holes with pea gravel to ensure proper water is absorbed and drained. It is very easy and affordable to convert that boring concrete into beautiful artificial grass for you and your pets.


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