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Increase your home’s value by installing the beautiful, functional, maintenance-free artificial turf.
Have you ever thought about using artificial turf? Products such as these are used extensively by homeowners, businesses and schools. It is striking in appearance and its beauty exceeds that of natural grass.

Artificial turf is very versatile in its application and is virtually maintenance-free, with no chemical treatments and no water is needed to maintain its beauty. SmartGrass is a leading provider of these artificial blends in either installing or selling their products in Manhattan Beach, California.

Artificial grass has many uses. It can be used for providing a sport lawn that is durable and attractive. Again, no water is needed for it to remain beautiful. Turf is used for installing golf putting greens for golfers to have a putting green on their lawn. This is a very attractive, functional, and popular installation. It is safe for children to play on since it has a soft cushy feel. Pets also like it and it avoids yellow marks in the lawn.

As in any endeavor to beautify your home, there are costs incurred in choosing the right blend of turf to maximize its impact on the appearance of your home. The size of the area to be improved must be determined as well as the quality and color of your particular blend of grass.
Few homeowners choose to install the turf themselves, but here are some factors
to consider when attempting this process.

1. Consider the quality and color of the blends involved. The best turf must closely match natural grass in color and texture. SmartGrass can offer assistance in choosing the best turf to fit your area of improvement.

2. Purchasing your turf from a reliable professional company who specializes in selling or installing turf, and also specializes in offering advice to you on how to complete this process.

3. Materials needed are tools to dig out about 2-3 inches of where turf is to be installed. These tools can range from a small bulldozer to simple shovels.

4. Prepare the ground by putting down a solid base or the proper type of rock and leveling and packing this base material.

5. Lay down a sheath of weedblock cloth.

6. Install the turf, nail the seams and ends.

7. Spread a layer of quality infill on the grass. This prevents pet urine from being absorbed, keeps the turf cooler, stabilizes the blades and allows for proper drainage. SmartGrass offers only the highest grade of infill used today. Do not accept sand, rubber, slag or any other inferior material.

8. Keep your lawn separate from other landscaped areas by installing the bender board for separating these areas if desired. When all is said and done, hiring a professional service company like SmartGrass can actually eliminate problems and cut your installation costs with a beautiful maintenance-free lawn.