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The common ways to keep your artificial grass smelling good

If you are planning on adding value to your property, consider installing artificial grass even if you are in Long Beach, CA. For homeowners who own pets but you are feeling worried about how to keep it clean, consider buying good quality artificial grass in Long Beach because it allows your pets to urinate and defecate without yellow stains or smells if properly maintained.

At Smart Grass Synthetic Turf, we offer good quality artificial grass products that are designed to handle pet urine far better as compared to natural grass, and all you need to do is a bit of maintenance, and your turf will not even smell, either. However, we know that you are concerned about the bad smells, and as an experienced artificial grass service provider installer, in this blog, we share the common ways to keep your artificial grass smelling good and clean.

Steps to keep your artificial grass smelling good

There are two main steps to follow when you want to keep your artificial grass smelling good:

  • The first step is to remove any pet feces and hose down the affected area straight away, this can help to get rid of lingering smells especially during dry weather. Also, rainfall can help to ensure your artificial grass stays smelling good and clean.
  • The next step is to use UriCide to get rid of persistent smells. An all natural bacteria and enzyme, safe for kids, pets and plants that “mimics” how nature breaks down Uric acid.

It is important to know that proper regular maintenance can help your artificial grass last for a decent 15 – 20 years.

Can artificial grass withstand pet waste?

Our artificial grass products are of good quality and are designed to withstand all pet waste. All you need to do is to regularly maintain and hose down the grass, also frequently dispose of any animal waste and spray Uricide. This will help keep your artificial grass smelling fresh.

However, we ensure the installation process is up to standard as we use a fully-porous sub-base that allows pet urine to drain straight through. Our artificial grass products are mainly designed to handle pets and also, they come with an industry best guarantee that will cover against any fading or staining. Do not worry about the tensile strength of the grass as it is also covered with our guarantee.

The final word

The above-listed can be helpful when you are planning to install or maintain your artificial grass. Here at SmartGrass, we know that artificial grass maintenance in Long Beach can be a very real concern for many homeowners, this is why we are here to offer our professional help in maintaining your artificial grass.  With years of experience on our belt, we are here to offer different types of artificial grass in locations such as Long Beach, CA and we also offer effective solutions to maintain your turf. Contact our customer service or specialists about the best artificial grass product for your property, call today at (844) 426-7283 or (310) 678-7467 and let’s get started.