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3 Artificial Lawn Cleaning Tips From Smart Grass

Smart Grass is one of the leading artificial lawn suppliers in Long Beach and around the USA, we are reliable and reputable, offering different types of artificial grass services to residents of Long Beach, CA. For homeowners looking for our services, all you need to do is to search for “artificial grass installation near me,” and consider our products that require less cleaning and maintenance.

However, when you have already installed your artificial lawn and you do not know yourself around the general maintenance aspect, here at Smart Grass we have your back as we help our customers enjoy their lawn without any bad odor from pet waste or debris. Since we know the importance of doing DIY maintenance to keep the lawn clean and lush green, in this blog, we share the three artificial lawn cleaning tips from Smart Grass.

1.  Occasion Cleaning

For homeowners who have installed artificial lawns on their terraces, balconies, or patios to create a perfect environment for entertaining, it is important to look after your lawn. This is because guests can accidentally spill some liquids such as red wine. When you experience spills on your artificial lawn, we advise our clients to perform occasional cleaning. Use plenty of water to wash the spills down the drain hole, preferably using a hose. After hosing down the spills, apply the soapy solution to the affected area and rinse again with water, this will make your artificial lawn very clean.

2. Regular Cleaning

Did you know that you can maintain your artificial lawn similarly to indoor floors when it comes to regular cleaning? This is because outdoor artificial grass is mostly affected by pet waste, papers, or even dry leaves, so we advise you to regularly clean your lawn, using a flexible rake, remove all the thrush, and a hose to wash away the pet waste. If you are cleaning your backyard or garden, consider using an air blower to get rid of the dry leaves and papers. A vacuum cleaner is most useful for artificial grass installed indoors as it easily gets rid of the dirt.

3. Periodic Cleaning

Last but not least, if you have installed your artificial lawn in a high traffic area, some places on your lawn may crush or lose their natural aesthetics. This is why at Smart Grass we advise our customers to perform periodic cleaning. To properly perform this type of cleaning, consider using a hand broom to brush the artificial lawn concentrating on affected areas to get rid of matted grass.  After the brushing process, make sure you spray the artificial lawn using our soft soap solution or vinegar and rinse the area using water or if you have pets, use

Summing It Up

The above-listed are some of the artificial lawn cleaning tips you can do on your own to maintain your lawn. While you can use these tips for DIY maintenance, here at SmartGrass we offer professional artificial lawn cleaning services that can help you maintain your grass in its best shape. We also offer high-quality artificial lawn in Long Beach, CA, for those looking for artificial grass installation near your area, do not hesitate to contact us. Call our customer service or specialists at (844) 426-7283 or (310) 678-7467 and let’s get started. We are ready to assist you.