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The 3 Common Types of Artificial Grass Infill

For homeowners considering artificial grass installation for their homes, there are many factors to look for including fake grass suppliers, various artificial turf samples, or getting estimates. While Smart Grass is the leading fake grass supplier in Long Beach that offers different types of artificial grass, it is important to also consider another major factor before you begin with installing your new turf landscaping, the infill. This is because it is a granular substance that is used between the turf blades after installation so as to reduce the turf and prevent movement. Also, the infill assists in keeping the artificial grass upright, avoids it from wrinkling, and adds an extra cushion. Our infill products at Smart Grass offer odor elimination as a unique feature. However, in this blog, we share the three common types of artificial grass infill.

Green sand

If you are looking for an infill product that features properties good for a home with pets and kids around, consider green sand. This is because green sand products are manufactured from green silicone dioxide granules, and this makes it a great option for fake grass where the transmission of bacteria is a worry, such as sports fields. These products also use antimicrobial technology that helps prevent bacteria, mold, and mildew from developing in the artificial grass. As a result, green sand products are a microbe-free fake grass solution that is clean and welcoming for pets and humans.

Zeo or Volcanic Ash

Homeowners that need to accommodate pets in their home may opt for Zeo infill materials as they are the premier dog-friendly solution. Since dog urine can cause the development of odors, this infill solution is non-toxic, and its biodegradable granules trap or neutralize ammonia-based odors. While this can be added at the time of installation as needed, it is a hundred percent natural, 97 percent pure, and safe for the environment. Apart from being eco-friendly, the Zeo infill solution can be a decent option for any homes with kids and pets that require the turf to be ”freshened up“.

URIFILL® Premium Turf Infill

URIFILL Premium Infill is a trusted brand that is the most effective artificial turf infill that is available. URIFILL uses a proprietary blend of zeo and green sand that when combined, combats odors and mold growth better than any other infill product that is sold on the market today.

Due to it’s superior draining ability, better turf blade stabilization and superior odor control, URIFILL is quickly becoming the preferred choice for artificial turf suppliers, contractors, and home owners alike.

URIFILL infill products meet all of the environmental and safety requirements, making it the trusted and preferred brand for turf installers and commercial businesses nationwide. URIFILL is 100%, NON-TOXIC, eco-friendly, biodegradable and safe to use around kids, pets and plants.


If you need more guidance in choosing which artificial grass installation products that are right for your residential landscaping, speak to our professional installers at Smart Grass. We can help you find the right fake grass in Long Beach, including infill, for your home. Smart Grass has been in the business for years, helping homeowners with all of their artificial grass installation and maintenance. Call our specialists at 844-426-7283 or 310-678-7467 and we will get back to you for professional assistance.