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3 Top Common Ways To Clean Your Artificial grass at Home

Today, there are many artificial grass suppliers in the USA including SmartGrass USA being one of the most reputable ones and there are different types of turf that are being offered to the market. Since many homeowners are becoming aware of the benefits that this type of grass brings, many are installing artificial grass in their yards. This is why artificial grass  is quickly becoming popular in Hermosa Beach, CA where many are looking for an evergreen lawn that requires less cleaning and maintenance. 

However, when you have already installed your artificial grass whether you are in Palos, Verdes, or anywhere around California, it requires a little cleaning.  It might be installed on the roof terrace, balcony, backyard, or garden; it is important to do the few simple steps of do-it-yourself maintenance to keep it clean and lush green. Continuing on the subject, in this blog we share the three top common ways to clean your artificial grass. Read on. 

1. Regular Cleaning

Just like indoor floors, artificial grass can be treated similarly when cleaning. Artificial grass is affected by dry leaves or other waste such as papers and pet droppings, whether on balconies or roofs, you are advised to regularly pick them up using a flexible rake and get rid of all the trash. As for bigger areas such as backyards and gardens, you can easily use an air blower to handle the task. When you are dealing with artificial grass installed indoors, it is advised to use a vacuum cleaner and wash away the dirt with water and even if it is installed outdoors you can as well use the vacuum cleaner, just avoid removing the sand filling from the grass.

2. Incident Cleaning

If you have improved your terraces, balconies, or patios with artificial grass to appear attractive and perfect for entertaining, you must be always mindful of your guests as they can accidentally spill coffee or red wine. In such a case, hose it down with plenty of water as it will easily flow into the drain hole. In the next step, apply the affected space with a mild soapy solution and rinse again with water. It will not take time for your artificial grass to be clean.

3. Periodic Cleaning

High traffic on artificial grass can cause certain areas to crush and lose their natural aesthetics. This is why it is important to perform periodic maintenance.  During the periodic cleaning,  use a brush, or hard broom to brush the grass to get rid of matted areas.  Next,  spray the artificial grass with a soft soap solution or vinegar and water and then rinse the area with water. 

4. The Final Word

While you can do the above-listed cleaning processes on your own, there are some cases where you will require a professional artificial grass cleaner to do the job for you to maintain your grass in its best shape. It is also advised to purchase high-quality artificial grass in locations such as Hermosa Beach, as you can find reputable suppliers such as SmartGrass. They can supply affordable artificial grass that is easy to clean and maintain.